Tenbury Mistletoe Association

What is the Tenbury Mistletoe Association and what does it stand for? Here we take a look at when, why plus what this organisation is along with some interesting facts surrounding the TMA.

The Launch of the TMA

Holly and Mistletoe has been associated with the Worcester and Hereford areas for hundreds of years and up until 2004 the local livestock market in Tenbury Wells would host the holly and mistletoe markets too. Now the livestock market has been disbanded it is up to Tenbury Mistletoe Association to keep the tradition alive and well by hosting the holly and mistletoe market themselves.

The Tenbury holly and mistletoe markets take place on the last Tuesday of November and the first two Tuesdays of December each year. These markets keep the mistletoe tradition going, while also the annual Mistletoe Festival was born out of the enthusiasm of the TMA to celebrate all things mistletoe in terms of the myths, romance and legends that surround this seasonal plant. December 1st is National Mistletoe Day due to the TMA’s petitioning the government to recognise the day as such.

Aims of the TMA

The TMA is interested in the towns’ heritage and association with mistletoe therefore has launched research projects into the subject. They hope to formulate the mistletoe brand to become synonymous with the towns name through organised mistletoe themed events especially the events held in December.

The TMA is currently encouraging their local school to become involved in mistletoe events in order to ensure local children are aware of their heritage. Pupils will collect mistletoe that will be used to decorate the town, selling it to raise money for the PTFA. The TMA also wishes to promote the growing of mistletoe and also organise the annual Mistletoe Festival that takes place annually in the town.

Tenbury Wells

Tenbury Wells is located in the Teme Valley and is the natural area where the Mistletoe Association would have been established. The towns name is now synonymous with mistletoe and the celebration of the plant is integral to events that take place here year after year. Along with local arts organisers the TMA celebrates the mistletoe plant by staging events at the beginning of December annually.