The Tenbury Mistletoe Festival

The Tenbury Mistletoe Festival takes place annually in December in Tenbury Wells. The mistletoe plant is very important to the people of Tenbury and has been associated with this area of the UK for centuries. Here we take a look at the festival and what it has to offer visitors.

Mistletoe Festival 2018

This year the Tenbury Mistletoe Festival will be held on Saturday December 2nd from 11am to 6pm. All the shops in the town will be open for business during the festival, while a Christmas Fayre will also take place at The Kings Head Pub from 12pm to 6pm. Festival day here is filled with fun for both young and old and is an amazing spectacle to be enjoyed in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The Mistletoe Shop

The special mistletoe shop will be located at S E N S E Community centre, Temeside House, Teme Street, selling mistletoe that is grown in the local area. Other mistletoe products on sale include

  • ❯ Christmas wreaths
  • ❯ Door wreaths made to order
  • ❯ Trees
  • ❯ Food products
  • ❯ Crafts
  • ❯ Mistletoe decorations
  • ❯ Centre piece table decorations
  • ❯ Jewellery inspired by mistletoe some with semi-precious stones


There will be great entertainment on at this year’s festival with music and dance taking place in two locations

The Pump Rooms

Singers from the community and local schools and colleges will compete with one another for a donated trophy performing appropriate winter based music.

The Kings Head Pub

There will be a festival open mike at the pub where performers of any age may join in to sing a maximum of three songs each to entertain the crowds. Performances begin at 12pm and continue through the afternoon.

The Mistletoe Hunt and Crowning of the Queen

Children from the age of seven will take part in a specially choreographed dance around 3pm at the tennis courts. This will be followed by the crowning of the mistletoe queen in the Pump Rooms. The winner of the music competition will be announced at this time. From there the mistletoe queen will leave to join in the Santa Parade.

Santa Will Be There!

Further Entertainment and Activities

  • ❯ Santa Parade
  • ❯ Storytelling and reading
  • ❯ Wreath making workshop for the kids
  • ❯ Craft making in the library

We too often let great traditions fade away and die as we move further and further into our digital world. It really is nice to see that the people of Tenbury Wells are working so hard to keep our mistletoe traditions alive and well. The festival brings the community together in a unique way and is a really great day out for adults and children alike. Most of the mistletoe we buy in our markets is imported from abroad therefore buying mistletoe in Tenbury that is locally grown makes it even more special. Why not take a trip to the festival this year we feel you will not be disappointed!

Accommodation for those visiting Tenbury Mistletoe Festival is available around the village. Please follow the link.