Mistletoe Gift Shops Offering Excellent Ideas for Seasonal Gifts

The festive season will soon be upon us for 2015 and once again we will be trying to find that unique Christmas gift for friends and family. Maybe you simply wish to order some mistletoe or mistletoe decorations? Here we take a look at some of the excellent mistletoe themed shops, gift shops and presents you may wish to consider in 2015.


InterMistletoe is a superb website that offers mistletoe and mistletoe themed decorations and crafts for its customers to buy with all the mistletoe sold sourced in England. The company recommend that customers order their plants early as every year due to its popularity they run out of mistletoe.

Products offered here include

  • ❯ Beautiful Christmas door wreaths in two sizes
  • ❯ Bunches and balls of mistletoe in varying sizes
  • ❯ Fresh English Mistletoe in bags up to forty kilos
  • ❯ Holly with berries up to forty kilos
  • ❯ Mixed bags up to eighteen kilos

InterMistletoe also sells other Christmas themed gifts such as candy canes, Grow Your Own Mistletoe Book, rainbow coloured happy Christmas rose, a 24k gold dipped spray of mistletoe and Christmas foil balloons. All orders come with free delivery, while if customers require next day delivery or specific day delivery there is a small charge. Ordering online is easy, while customers may also order over the telephone if preferred.

Rainbow Rose

  • ❯ InterMistletoe
  • ❯ 156 London Road South
  • ❯ Lowestoft
  • ❯ Suffolk
  • ❯ NR33 0AZ
  • ❯ Tele 01502 564 488

Kiss Me Mistletoe

Kiss Me Mistletoe is a wholesaler that prides itself on the fact that all their mistletoe orders are picked fresh and sent on the same day. The mistletoe here is grown locally in apple orchards, while the plant is organically grown in Tenbury home of the Tenbury Mistletoe Festival. The Kiss Me Mistletoe website is offering 20% off selected orders at the moment so why not take a look at the quality mistletoe themed goods you can buy here.

Mistletoe Ball

Kiss Me Mistletoe sell wholesale too therefore if it’s a larger amount of the plant you require this is one of the best places to find it. Goods offered include

Wholesale Mistletoe

  • ❯ Mistletoe sprigs
  • ❯ Mistletoe bunches
  • ❯ Mistletoe balls
  • ❯ Mixed bunches of holly and mistletoe
  • ❯ Cut holly with berries
  • ❯ Beautiful Christmas wreaths
  • ❯ Hand written Christmas cards in with orders

Orders over £30.00 will be delivered by courier, while orders under £30.00 are sent First Class Royal Mail. Kiss Me Mistletoe also make specific mistletoe decorations for weddings too. This beautiful symbol of love and romance makes an ideal centre piece or hung decoration for any winter wedding. Contact details are as follows

The English Mistletoe Shop

The English Mistletoe Shop is a seasonal venture that sells mistletoe themed products along with mistletoe grown in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire during the winter months. So, what can we buy at The English Mistletoe Shop?

  • ❯ Mistletoe grow kits for customers to grow their own plants
  • ❯ Mistletoe grow kit gift cards
  • ❯ Mistletoe themed books and cards

Mistletoe Cards

As for fresh Mistletoe (the company are not offering fresh mistletoe just now. Please visit the website for further updates regarding this) All postage is included in the pricing on the website, while grow kits are despatched between February and April. Orders are taken online or by post at the address below.

  • ❯ English Mistletoe Shop
  • ❯ 46 Arrowsmith Drive
  • ❯ Stonehouse
  • ❯ Gloucestershire
  • ❯ GL10 2QR
  • ❯ Tele 01453 808 215

Not on the High Street

Not on the High Street is a great website established in 2006 that sells many unusual gifts all year round that we would not always otherwise find in our shopping centres and stores. At Christmas time it’s nice to buy our friends and loved ones an unusual gift therefore why not take a look at what Not On The High Street has to offer. Here we take a look at mistletoe themed gifts at their website.

Not on the High Street offers literally hundreds of mistletoe themed gifts for customers to choose from. Obviously we cannot list them all here but here are a few you may like to consider.

Beautiful Mistletoe Wreath

Mistletoe Door Wreath

This is a frosted mistletoe door wreath priced at £32.00. This wreath will adorn your door, while the wreath looks amazingly natural even with its frosted glittery dressing. Measuring 45cm the wreath is available to order online now!

Personalised Mistletoe Spray

Personalised Mistletoe Spray

A personalised gift is always welcomed at Christmas and this lovely spray of mistletoe comes complete with a hand stamped heart shaped charm. Surprise the one you love by hanging this amazing mistletoe spray where they will see it and realise the trouble you have gone to in order to purchase the ideal Christmas gift!

Further Gift Ideas

  • ❯ Mistletoe themed crackers
  • ❯ Mistletoe tree decorations
  • ❯ Mistletoe themed jewellery
  • ❯ Mistletoe gift cards and bags
  • ❯ Mistletoe fairy lights
  • ❯ Mistletoe shopping bags

Many items on the website offer free UK delivery too, while gift wrapping is also offered at the site. Not on the High Street may be contacted via the website by email or by telephone on 0345 259 1359

Spread Shirt

Spread Shirt is a personalised clothing website that sells tee shirts, tops, hoodies and bags including Christmas themed garments with mistletoe motifs. Any of these items will make a perfect gift at Christmas time, while if customers are not happy with their purchase they may return the item unused within thirty days of buying them. Here are a few examples of personalised gifts you may wish to consider buying.

Personalised Tee Shirt

Personalised Tee Shirt

This seasonal 100% cotton Kiss under the Mistletoe Tee will make a wonderful Christmas gift and is available from size small through to size 3XL. This American made Tee comes in a large selection of colours and is priced under £24.00.

Mistletoe Umbrella

Mistletoe Umbrella

This amazing umbrella with mistletoe pattern design is available in black, pink and lilac. At 24cms the umbrella is conveniently small making carrying it around in your bag no problem at all.

Further mistletoe gift items available from Spread Shirt include

  • ❯ Mistletoe tote bags
  • ❯ Wide range of Men’s, Ladies and Children’s Tees
  • ❯ Baby Bodies
  • ❯ Hoodies
  • ❯ IPhone cases
  • ❯ Mugs
  • ❯ Aprons

Customers can create their own design on the website decorating their tops and tees with any text they like. Full instructions regarding how to create your design are accessed at the website as our all their lovely unique Spreadshirt mistle toe gifts and designs.


Etsy provide a comprehensive guide as to what products to shop for with unique festive christmas gifts including mistle toe items. Each year they update their guide with a fresh list of what to buy each December for your loved ones, friends and family.

What makes their website unique is that they offer such a large variety of products so finding the perfect mistle toe or other christmas gift is easy.

You can check out their christmas section on their website to see all the recommend presents for this year. Find out more at https://www.etsy.com/market/mistletoe

That just about wraps up our guide to where to buy mistletoe related gifts at christmas. Of course every year we will be updating our website with more information on unique presents so check back each year for more ideas.