Mistletoe Artwork & Games: It’s time to get Romantic with this Creative Work

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The tradition of hanging a sprig of mistletoe inside a house originates back to the time of the Druids. Said to bring health and good luck, it was used to ward off evil spirits in the olden days. In modern times, it is known more for being a Yule tradition symbolizing friendship and love — closer to the Norse custom. In the Scandinavian myth, foes who find themselves standing underneath this plant in the woods must declare a truce, that is, until the next day. In modern times, the practice is a bit more romantic. The plants are traditionally hung beneath door frames or within the home and women who linger beneath a mistletoe are likely to get a kiss from the men who spot them. Not only is it a great way to express feelings towards someone special, it’s also great fun for those who are already couples. Think you have what it takes to kiss someone discreetly? Play the trio of mistletoe games in our list to find out.

Before we begin with the games we thought we would share some highly creative comics and artwork made on Deviant including this short one by Twokinds you can see below. The creative comics by many talented artists here totally eclipse the sort of mistletoe games available. They match the artwork used in the romantic love story games you typically find on mobile phones.

There are two more versions of comics you can find by TwoKinds here. The drawings and short narratives capture the romantic aura that mistletoe truly creates at Christmas time.

Mistletoe Romance

There are many ways to celebrate the coming New Year in style. For the traditional, there’s the countdown, the list making and of course, kissing under the mistletoe. Your goal in the Cruise Mistletoe Romance is to fill up the kiss gauge before time runs out. Of course, you’ll need to be discreet in kissing the boy of your dreams. Watch out for strangers passing by and then click on the shy couple when they have some privacy. This will slowly raise the love meter until you let go. Keep in mind that getting too close to the boy will get people suspicious. You only get three chances to be caught before it’s game over. On the other hand, if you do succeed in maxing the bar, you get to change the venue for the couple’s lip locking in the next stage.

Play Mistletoe Romance

Kiss Mina Under the Mistletoe

Think you can sneak in some memorable holiday smooches? If so, then try your hand at playing Kiss Mina Under the Mistletoe. In this teenage love game, you will need to keep watch over Mina and her beloved boyfriend to keep them away from prying eyes. Aside from roommates and friends, there’s the house cat that’s quite determined to put a damper on the happy couple’s holiday romance. Be careful not to get caught by Santa or you might just be labeled “Naughty” instead of “Nice”. Once you’ve filled up the love meter, you can proceed to the next, trickier, stage. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be perfect. You can get caught three times without too much of a fuss.

Play Kiss Mina Under the Mistletoe

Mistletoe Mischief

Yes you can play the conventional christmas board games with the family but sometimes you just want to be alone for a small amount of time at christmas. When it comes to the holidays, it’s hard to go wrong with a healthy dose of romantic snuggles. In Mistletoe Mischief, you’re helping two teens to get dressed for the occasion. Choose a hairstyle, some clothes, a few accessories and a proper backdrop for the couple to celebrate Christmas in style. You can opt to get them dressed in their best for a rockin’ party or even underdressed for a little lip locking under the mistletoe. All you need is your trusty mouse and fantastic fashion sense. Once you’re done with their outfits, take a picture to commemorate the occasion. Or, if you find things a bit lacking, why not press the Reset button to do things all over again?

Play Mistletoe Mischief