The History of the Mistletoe Plant

Mistletoe is a plant that we all associate with the festive season. Along with holly mistletoe is one of the most popular Christmas plants that adorn our homes in December. We kiss under the mistletoe but why? Where did that tradition come from? Here we take a look at the origins of mistletoe, where it came from and why today it remains one of the most widely bought plants at Christmas time.

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Mistletoe Artwork & Games: It’s time to get Romantic with this Creative Work

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The tradition of hanging a sprig of mistletoe inside a house originates back to the time of the Druids. Said to bring health and good luck, it was used to ward off evil spirits in the olden days. In modern times, it is known more for being a Yule tradition symbolizing friendship and love — closer to the Norse custom. In the Scandinavian myth, foes who find themselves standing underneath this plant in the woods must declare a truce, that is, until the next day. In modern times, the practice is a bit more romantic. The plants are traditionally hung beneath door frames or within the home and women who linger beneath a mistletoe are likely to get a kiss from the men who spot them. Not only is it a great way to express feelings towards someone special, it’s also great fun for those who are already couples. Think you have what it takes to kiss someone discreetly? Play the trio of mistletoe games in our list to find out.

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