Tenbury Mistletoe Festival

About the Festival

The Tenbury Mistletoe Festival takes place annually in December at Christmas time in Tenbury Wells. The mistletoe plant is very important to the people of Tenbury and has been associated with this area of the UK for centuries. Here we take a look at the festival and what it has to offer visitors. More recently whychristmas.com mentions that Mistletoe kissing actually came from England so Tenbury celebrating the plant is rather a perfect match.

More About Tenbury Festival

The History of the Mistletoe Plant

Mistletoe is a plant that we all associate with the festive season and is a very traditional custom in England as explained by wise-english.co.uk who go on to explain that the Mistletoe plant is a key component of a traditional English Christmas. Along with holly mistletoe is one of the most popular Christmas plants that adorn our homes in December. We kiss under the mistletoe but why? Where did that tradition come from around Christmas? Here capitalchristmas.co.uk explain the origins of mistletoe, where it came from and why today it remains one of the most widely bought plants at Christmas time.

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Tenbury Mistletoe Association


Holly and Mistletoe has been associated with the Christmas period in Worcester and Hereford areas for hundreds of years and up until 2004 the local livestock market in Tenbury Wells would host the holly and mistletoe markets too. Now the livestock market has been disbanded it is up to Tenbury Mistletoe Association to keep the tradition alive and well by hosting the holly and mistletoe market themselves.

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Mistle Toe Artwork and Games

mistletoe artwork

For young couples, the custom of hanging a mistletoe in the home is surely one of the most enjoyable of Christmas traditions. That being said, the holidays only come at the end of the year. The good thing is that no matter what day it is, you can enjoy mistletoe artwork and games here.